Friday, October 15, 2010

One more sleep...

Well here we are, me and the boys, with ONE MORE SLEEP until Brett comes home from 2 long weeks in QLD, and it has occurred to me that our adventure has ACTUALLY started and now was an appropriate time to start Our New Adventure blog.

So why not come along with us on the adventure and watch a suburban Melbourne family turn their lives upside down and start again on a great new adventure in sunny QLD as we learn to relocate and renovate, and have a stab at creating an exciting new life as we go...


  1. As sad as i am for those of us staying behind, i am very excited for you guys and look forward to all the updates, our coming up and the boys skyping!

  2. Looking forward to hear about your adventure...but have you have ever seen a movie called 'The money pit'?

  3. Thanks Domenico!! will keep you in charge of budgets?